Company Profile.

Earthmaps Consulting CC was founded in 2004 and is based in the heart of Swakopmund on Namibia’s west coast.

Earthmaps Consulting draws its experience from many successful years of service to the minerals exploration and mining industry in Namibia and Africa.

Meet our Team:

Klaus-Peter Knupp: 
a Namibian national by birth, Klaus has extensive experience in geophysical exploration both as a scientist and in exploration management, built on a life long passion for earth science and exploration.

BSc. Hon. Geophysics (University of Witwatersrand)
BA. Economics, African Politics (UNISA)

1987 -  1994:  Geophysicist in Namibia and South Africa:  Anglo American plc
Commodities: Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc.

1995 – 2001:  Section & Divisional Geophysicist in West Africa, Angola, Botswana:  Anglo American plc.  Commodities:  Gold, Nickel, Copper, PGE, Zinc, Lead.


2002 – 2003:  Exploration Project Manger: Skorpion Zinc: Ambase Exploration (Namibia) Pty Ltd:  non-sulphide Zinc.

2004 – current:  Geophysical Consultant:  Earthmaps Consulting:
Commodities:  Uranium, Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Diamonds, REE, Nickel, PGE, hydrocarbons, ground water.


Earthmaps Consulting has trained the following part time employees: 

George Hamutenya
(GPR Operator)

Nangolo Iginatius
(GPR & HLEM Operator)

Thomas Amuyongi
(GPR Operator)

Michael Dankie
(GPR & HLEM Operator)

Johannes Nghishitende
(GPR & HLEM Operator)



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We offer professional, high quality services in the following areas:  Geophysical Consulting,    Contracting Services and Geophysical Instrument Rental.

Earth maps Consulting is an independent, Namibian based geophysical consultancy specializing in: geophysical consulting,  instrument rental,  earthmaps, minerals interpretation,  evaluation of geophysical data,  based in swakopmund, namibia