Earthmaps Consulting delivers the following geophysical contracting services:

All surveys are conducted on foot and their environmental impact is therefore extremely low. 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys

Earthmaps Consulting has pioneered the use of GPR for the identification and mapping of paleo-channels in Namibia in the exploration for secondary, paleo-channel hosted uranium deposits.

Earthmaps Consulting has proved that GPR delivers unparalleled detail of the paleo-channel morphology at depths of up to 20 m where ground conductivities are low.  Such conditions are encountered in the eastern and central Namib Desert.

An in-house state of the art pulseEKKO PRO GPR system is used with the following available antennas and frequencies.

12.5 MHz
 25 MHz
 50 MHz
100 MHz
200 MHz
250 MHz (shielded)

Positioning is controlled by built-in Omnistar DGPS with a horizontal accuracy of +- 10 cm and vertical accuracy of +- 20 cm.                     (www.sensoft.ca)


pulseEkko Pro GPR System (click to enlarge)


Earthmaps Consulting can draw on the following range of GPR experience:

  • Paleo-channel identification and mapping for uranium exploration
    (Namib desert)

  • Diamondiferous gravels in active rivers (DRC) and alluvial deposits (Namibia)

  • Detection of tourmaline bearing miarolitic cavities in pegmatites (Otjua Mine)

  • Copper sulphide detection (Kombat Mine)

  • Location of hidden historic pits and backfill areas (Kombat Mine)

  • Ground water detection (river sediments, hard rock, karst)

  • Saline-fresh ground water interface mapping (Omaruru delta)

  • Utility detection and civil engineering applications (pipes, cables,
    conduits, concrete) (Hosea Kutako International Airport, Kombat Mine)

GPR has many additional applications in high resolution mapping of the sub-surface (see www.sensoft.ca):

  • Civil engineering:  soil, sediment and bedrock structure mapping, karst cavity (sinkhole) detection, foundation studies

  • Dimension Stone Quarrying:  joint and fracture plane detection

  • Environmental and Mining:  groundwater contamination detection and monitoring

  • Forensic: detection of buried metallic objects

pulseEkko Pro GPR System during survey
(click to run Video)

36 cubic meters per hour

Ground water discovery using GPR.

 Farm Burgkeller 

Examples (click to enlarge)


GPR, paleo-channel

diamondiferous gravels

water table



saline & fresh ground water

utility detection

gemstone exploration


Horizontal Loop Electromagnetic (HLEM) Surveys

Earthmaps Consulting offers HLEM surveys for soft sediment and hard rock applications.

Earthmaps Consulting utilizes an in-house Apex Maxmin I-8 system, with a frequency range of  110 Hz  to 14080 Hz.

Earthmaps Consulting specializes in full 8 frequency surveys to allow optimal data inversion
and depth modeling, with an emphasis on high data quality.

Earthmaps Consulting offers the following HLEM experience: 

  • Detection and mapping of paleo-channels in high, medium and low conductivity terrains across the Namibia for uranium, alluvial diamond and ground water exploration.

  • Mapping of carbonatite pipes for REE exploration in northern Namibia

  • Mapping of Ni-Cu sulphides in north-western Namibia

  • Ground water detection in structural acquifers.



"Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the search for uraniferours paleo-channels."
Presented at the Uranium Conference 23-24 October 2009, Swakopmund, Nambia.
Click to download (6.2mb) >>>

HLEM, paleo-channel (uranium)

HLEM, paleo-channel (uranium)

HLEM, carbonatite pipe. 

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