Earthmaps Consulting has the following geophysical instruments available for hire:

  • Horizontal Loop Electromagnetics:  Apex Maxmin I-8

  • Gamma Ray Spectrometer:  Exploranium GR 320

  • Proton Precession Magnetometers (2): Geometrics G-856

  • Hand-Held Conductivity Meter (rock and core): GeoInstruments GCM-2

  • RadEye scintillometer/radiation detector: RadEye PRD

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Meter:  GeoInstruments GMS-2


           Apex Maxmin l-8

Exploranium GR 320Geometrics G-856GeoInstruments GCM-2RadEye PRDGeoInstruments GMS-2
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Clients and References


Corner Geophysics Namibia

Extract Resources

Fugro Airborne Services

Geotech Airborne Limited

Gregory Symons Geophysics

Namib Hydrosearch

UTS Geophysics




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